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LG Hausys LC5511M


LC5511M is graphic film for windows. It prevents exposure from ultraviolet light, and various embossed patterns & excellent printability provide you beautiful visual effect on your windows.

lc5511m i0

Areas of use

  • Outdoor or Indoor window
  • Durability : 5years
  • Excellent blocking of sun light & UV
  • Excellent printability for solvent inkjet printer
  • Various embossed pattern & color
  • Adhesive : Permanent(LC5510,5511), Removal (Other 5 patterns)
Item Description
Film 3.5mils(90?)
Thickness 4.6mils(115?) with adhesive (± 10 %)
Adhesive Acrylic based pressure sensitive
Adhesive color Clear
Liner Clays coated paper(130g/m²)
Application surfaces Flat Surface
Application temp. ≥ 10 ℃(18 to 25℃ optimum)
Durability is based on field experience and exposure tests in South Korea. Outdoor durability is 5 years (LC5510, LC5511M) & 3 years (LC5520,5521,5522,5540,5550M) when properly processed and applied (unprinted film vertical exposure)
Shelf Life
  • Shelf life is 1 year from factory shipment
  • Storage condition: Free from excessive moisture, temperature, direct sunlight (20? x 50% R.H)
Physical Properties
Property Metric Units Description
Film Thickness 3.5mils(90?) Micrometer
Tensile strength 1.8kg/cm² ASTM D882
Elongation 100% ASTM D882
Peel adhesion(24hrs) 1,600g/in 180 peeling PSTC-1
Service temp. range -45 ~ 82 Film applied Al panels 24hrs prior test
Application temp. ≥ 10 18 to 25 optimum, on clean substrate
Release liner thickness/weight 0.13mm/130g/sqm  
No heat is required. It can be used most squeeze. Keep the film flat during application.