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LG Hausys LD923TG


CAST LD923TG is an opaque cast vinyl with LG Hausys's AiRFREE ™ G2 technology. It also features a long-term durability for up to 7 years and a highly cohesive acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive that is protected with a high quality siliconized liner. AiRFREE ™ G2 technology allows trapped air to be released during application. AiRFREE ™ G2 is LG Hausys's proprietary technology that utilizes embossing patterns on the release liner, making it easier to remove trapped bubbles and increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

LG Hausys ld923tg

Areas of use

  • Solvent inkjet printing: Vutek, Arizona, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, Seiko, HP, etc.
  • Outdoor displays, signs, exhibition stands, and vehicle wrap
    • The films conform well to flat and seamed surfaces, when processed and applied according to LG Hausys's recommendations.
  • Outstanding dimensional stability (Shrinkage rate less than 5%)
  • Excellent printing performance
  • Excellent lay flatness even in humid conditions
  • Excellent weather resistance: Solvent-based acrylic adhesive
  • Excellent Initial Installation: Reposition Adhesive
  • Release liner: 98#(120g) Super flat, Double-side, PE coated Paper
  • Available Width: 48”, 54”, 60”
Item Description
Film 2.0mils(50㎛) opaque film with glossy finish
Thickness 3.2mils(80㎛) with adhesive (± 10%)
Adhesive Acrylic, pressure-sensitive (Solvent-based), Reposition
Adhesive color Grey
Liner coated paper / Kraft Paper
Application surfaces Flat or compound/curved surfaces, rivets
Application temp. ≥ 10℃ (18℃ to 25℃ optimum)

Long-term outdoor durability for up to 7 years when properly processed and applied (unprinted film, vertical exposure). Durability is based upon field experience and exposure tests believed to be accurate.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 1 year from factory shipment.
Storage condition: Free from excessive moisture, temperature, & direct sunlight (20℃ x 50% R.H)

Physical Properties
Property Metric Units Description
Thickness (Including adhesive) 3.2mils(80㎛) ± 10% Micrometer
Tensile strength ≥ 0.9kg/cm² ASTM D882
Elongation ≥ 100% ASTM D882
Peel adhesion(24hrs) ≥1,300g/in 180 peeling PSTC-1
Service temp. range -25℃ ~ 82℃ Film applied Al panels 24hrs prior test
Application temp. ≥ 10℃ 18 to 25℃ optimum, on clean substrate