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Converd - EnviroScape Mural Plus!

converd EnviroScape Mural Plus and Easy Up

A PVC-free wall or window scaping product that is easy to install and remove, while supporting LEED credit certification for green building applications and carrying a class “A” fire rating.

EnviroScape Mural® Plus!

(wall and window scaping material)

EnviroScape Mural® Plus! is a high performance, dimensionally stable, breathable and eco-friendly wall covering and window scape material.

This Rainforest Alliance and FSC® certified media is made with 10% post-consumer waste, achieving a sustainable advantage over traditional vinyl and pressure-sensitive vinyl materials.

Engineered to be easy to install and remove, it meets the strict California 01350 standards for indoor air quality, a prerequisite for LEED credit certification and carries a class “A” fire rating based upon ASTM E-84.

EnviroScape Mural® Plus! HD–Textured is a heavy duty version of our existing wallscape solution with a unique enhanced surface finish designed to provide an easier and more substantial installation option for all wall, window and rigid surface applications. The surface character also helps cover minor wall imperfections while providing a more workable texture to the finished image.

converd EnviroScape Mural applications for wallart


  • Murals
  • Wall décor
  • Front lit displays
  • Window signage
  • POP signage


Spray water to the back of the sheet until thoroughly saturated. Gently fold the sheet with adhesive parts facing each other to keep moist and allow adhesive paste to activate. Set aside for 1 minute. Unfold sheet and place onto a wall from top to bottom. Carefully smooth out bubbles and creases using a broad smoothing brush, not a squeegee, from the middle of sheet out. If necessary, re-spray with water around the edges during the entire process. Use a wet cloth or sponge to clean off any paste residuals and allow to dry on the wall surface 24-48 hours before trimming excess.

An installation video can be downloaded on