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Converd - Easy UP!

 converd Easy-Up

Easy UP!® is peel and stick easy to install. It is a durable and dimensionally stable paper based FSC Certified media that is perfect for walls, windows or any hard surface graphic application.

Easy Up®

(peel and stick wallscape media)

Easy UP! is a repositionable, sustainable paper based material that incorporates a water based microsphere pressure sensitive adhesive backing for easy installation and removal on virtually any surface.

This product is a heavy duty version of our proven wallscape product that is designed to provide an easier installation experience. It is available in either Smooth or Textured finish.

Easy UP! incorporates our new crack and peel feature for easy liner removal and more rapid installation. The product is FSC certified by the Rainforest Alliance and incorporates 10% post-consumer waste in its construction.

Also available in larger custom roll sizes, subjected to minimum order requirements.

converd Easy Up applications


  • Murals
  • POP signage
  • Wall décor
  • Window signage


  1. Bend the product forward, exposing the slit in our crack and peel liner and remove the liner from the narrow side of the mural. 
  2. Affix the narrow side of the mural to the installation area with a smoothing brush. The product should be applied from the inside out with moderate pressure.
  3. Once satisfied with the location and position of the mural on the installation surface, peel off the remaining liner with a downward diagonal movement.
  4. Continue smoothing the area with the brush from the inside to the outside, securing it to the wall while removing bubbles from the surface.
  5. Once the image is adhered to the surface, trim to fit with a sharp knife or razor blade.


  1. Carefully lift and peel back upon itself, a 9” triangle section of the product from an upper corner of the graphic image.
  2. Once you have a comfortable grip on the image proceed to peel diagonally upon itself in a slow and steady manner until you’ve worked your way across the entire panel.
  3. Then proceed to lift and peel diagonally from the reverse upper corner of the image until you have completely removed the image from the installed work surface.
  4. Please remember to always peel back on a 180° angle and avoid peeling at a 90° or right angle so as to minimize the tenacity of the adhesive during removal.