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Magnetic Paint - MagPaint

mag paint - magnetic paint

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Using Magnetic Paint - MagPaint, it is easy to transform the walls of your space to a creative magnetic receptive surface or magnetic wall.

MagPaint is just like regular paint, It rolls on to any flat surface with ease. When applied, this product gives the surface metallic properties that a magnet will stick to.

The MagPaint serves as an undercoat primer, so you can use any color or shape on top of the surface. You can hang your signage, posters or photos anywhere on the wall without using sticky tape or pushpins that can ruin the wall.


  • Magnetic Paint (MagPaint) turn any wall into a magnet receptive surface.
  • Once you have applied the MagPaint as undercoat, you can use any color of paint as topcoat.
  • You can hang artwork, posters, plans, and drawings without tape, glue etc.
  • Un-limited creative possibilities on your walls
  • MagPaint is child-safe and non-toxic/non-hazardous.