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L-Calender Calendered and/or extruded films are produced on a so-called L - calender. Heated granulate is pressed through a nozzle and transported on to the calender. Here it is rolled over several overlapping rollers until the desired width and density is reached. The form and layout of the rollers resembles an "L" on its side.
Laminating Laminating protects the printing surface. Transparent films of different qualities (see information on monomer, polymer, and cast films) are front-mounted on the press. Finished advertising graphics are therefore protected from UV weather influences and mechanical strain. A 'side effect' is the increase in color brilliance.
Laser-Thermometer Since the optimal temperature range for bonding allows only a little room to maneuver, it is always recommended that a laser thermometer is used in the bonding process to check the desired temperature precisely. The surface of the film must be exposed to a temperature of 85°C – 90°C in order to neutralize the memory effect of the film. However, temperatures above 95°C will cause the film to melt.
LFP LFP es la abreviatura de la expresión inglesa Large Format Printing. Se trata de la impresión de formatos grandes, que preferiblemente se realiza con impresoras de inyección de tinta, impresoras UV y recientemente con impresoras látex. Por lo general, la impresión LFP comienza con el formato A0. No obstante, muchas instalaciones de impresión ofrecen la posibilidad de un ancho de impresión de tres hasta cinco metros.