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Hot air gun For some uses, it is important to permanently remove the so-called 'memory effect' of the film and to effectively stretch the film during the bonding process. Both of these can be done by adding heat during treatment. Electric as well as gas-powered hot air guns can be used for this purpose.
Infrared Thermometer An infrared thermometer is an important piece of equipment for the professional full vehicle coating. Given that the exact adherence to the recommended temperature for a successful coating in terms of vehicle ribbing is often a problem, by using an infrared thermometer, the temperatures of surfaces can be determined very precisely and therefore the treatment recommendations can be adhered to.
Initial Adhesion Initial adhesion is the strength and/or adhesion of the film to the background approximately one hour after adhesion has taken place. At this point the film has not yet reached its full adhesive strength and can be repositioned relatively easily.
Inorganic Pigments These may include iron oxide colors, lead chromates, or titanium oxide. Disadvantage: these substances may contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium or cadmium and are no longer used because of the risk that they pose to health.